EBgo Sniper

EBgo Sniper 1.7.2

Steal in at the last minute to claim eBay auction

EBgo Sniper is designed to help you improve your chances of winning an item, by tracking all your eBay auctions for you and placing your bid just before the auction closes. This increases your chances of winning since people wont have time to outbid you.

Thanks to the user friendly interface setting up a snipe is as simple as entering the item number and your maximum bid, or even dragging and dropping the item directly from your web browser into the program.

Features include:

  • Place instant bids for you or it can set up time delayed bids (sniping!) to be placed just before the auction ends to make shure that you will be the last bidder
  • Handles any currency or timezone
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Advanced search function with optional agent option that auto loads all results
  • Drag and drop items from Internet Explorer
  • Runs in watch mode to monitor auctions
  • Stays synchronized with eBay Time
  • Updates auction information at regular intervals that you assign
  • Can be minimized to the system tray

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EBgo Sniper


EBgo Sniper 1.7.2

User reviews about EBgo Sniper

  • The Stinky Hindu

    by The Stinky Hindu

    "EBgo Sniper can still snipe anything faster because of its big ballz."

    EBgo Sniper is the shit, the best of the best, the sniper with the biggest ballz..   More.